SA Fuels

SuperAmerica fuels are offered to the motoring public throughout our network of corporately and franchise owned locations. Fuel types offered may differ at location, check the website or mobile application for fuel types offered at your location!

SuperAmerica is proud to provide SuperFuels®!

SuperFuels are a Top Tier™ gasoline.

They’re made to a higher standard than the EPA requires, with enhanced detergent additives that help your engine deliver top performance mile after mile. That’s why SuperFuels are a smarter choice for your vehicle.

5 things Enriched SuperFuels® can do:

  1. Improve your fuel economy
  2. Maintain peak vehicle performance
  3. Keep deposits from building up
  4. Provide extra cleaning power
  5. Help your engine run smoothly

Filling up with SuperFuels provides preventive maintenance for your engine. Our specially formulated gasoline cleans away harmful deposits and sludge that can cause wear and tear on moving parts and rob you of fuel economy. So keep your engine running its best. Shift up to SuperFuels Today!!

SuperFuels. Be good to your engine and it will be good to you™.