Super Springs Water

Enjoy a natural spring water from Lafayette Spring, Wisconsin. Clean, crisp spring water at an exceptional value, only at SuperAmerica.

Super Moo Farms

Consumers in Minnesota and Wisconsin make great tasting, wholesome Super Moo Farms Milk an important part of their healthy lifestyle. An excellent source of calcium and protein, delicious Super Moo Farms Milk is a perfect choice any time of the day. Pour it over a bowl of your favorite cereal to start the morning off right, or enjoy a glass with home-baked cookies at snack time. We proudly stand behind our Super Moo Farms Skim, 1%, and 2% gallon milk which is rBST free.

Super Wash

Streak-free windshield washer fluid gives you a clear view of the road. Our formula has special additives guaranteed not to freeze in varying cold-weather extremes—all the way down to -20°F. Each comes in a 1 gallon container. USA made.